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About Us

Here at Texas Duck n Dove, we love to hunt.  When we started guiding hunts several years ago, we hunted dove, deer, hogs, and exotics, too.  Since then we've added turkey hunts and duck hunts, both of which  have turned out to be our personal favorites.


For me, It has always been different when it comes to duck hunting.   Maybe its the fast-paced action that I love, or I suppose it could be being able to talk and cut up between volleys.  Whatever it is, I know that bird hunting is for me. 


But, we've learned over the years that not everyone thinks of hunting like we do.  Some people want to just relax in a blind and wait for that monster buck.  Some enjoy the rush you get when you hear a bunch of big pigs grunting and fighting their way to the feeder.


So we have added a couple of guides to our operation that enjoy all of those things, too.  Whether your a seasoned hunter or the new guy wanting to learn, we have a hunt tailor-made for you.  Hope to see you soon. 


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